Milano_Via Sassetti 32
Committente-Client: INVESCO - Banca Sella

The intervention of Via Sassetti 32 has foreseen the complete renovation of an existing multi-storey building of the years ' 90 composed of 12 floors above ground and N ° 5 underground levels, inclusive of the ground floor built on an order of pillars with double height.
The construction of the new building, which has become a hub for companies operating in the most innovative finance sector, has provided for the complete gutting of the existing building with the exception of the main structures in A.C.. The reconstruction first envisaged the demolition of the last floor used for technical premises and then, the reconstruction and canting by means of structures in metal carpentry, in compliance with the requirements and adjustments to earthquakes.
The casing, made mainly with a continuous glass façade of the last generation, consists of the system FW50/80 SG Schueco, enriched by the presence of Spandrel covers and sunshades specially extruded to the purpose, as well as in the portion Of the atrium ground floor with double height, by a ventilated façade system of stone cladding.
The interior spaces, however, are characterized by materials and plants that have been able to guarantee the maximum degree of flexibility and remodularity of the spaces and at the same time the attention to detail and finishes; For example, the metallic countertop of the office areas, realized with an implementation of the traditional panelling system and bandratser, suitable for the complete integration of mobile glass walls.
The building has been developed to obtain the highest performance, in terms of resource saving, energy efficiency, solution of materials, low-consumption lighting and quality of the internal environment, thus respecting the most High design and realization standards required by the LEED Platinum certificate.

  • Milano_Via Sassetti 32
  • Milano_Via Sassetti 32
  • Milano_Via Sassetti 32
  • Milano_Via Sassetti 32
  • Milano_Via Sassetti 32
  • Milano_Via Sassetti 32
economical context

Timing of execution
Work start: April 2016
End of work: June 2017

Contract Amount:
Civil Works Amount: €6,200,000.00
Works Amount: €4,150,000.00

Total amount of jobs: €10,350,000.00

LEED Certification
Expected: PLATINUM
Obtained: PLATINUM

Milano_Via Sassetti 32
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